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Real Estate, Business and Immigration Law Firm in Mississauga, Ontario

Minhas Lawyers was founded in 2007 by President and CEO Mr Manpreet Singh Minhas. Mr. Minhas was experienced lawyer from India and practise the law since 1998 in India. After migrated to Canada in 2006 he completed his credentials from the University of Toronto and was called to Bar in Sept 2007. He established the law firm to help local businesses and individuals resolve legal issues and plans for the future. They have expanded their practice area and garnered a reputation for helping those in need and making a positive difference within the community. Legal services include a wide range of legal solutions for businesses. Larger businesses often choose to pursue all legal matters through a corporate law firm, which can practice in a variety of legal fields. Some businesses may employ in-house attorneys and only require outside legal services in special circumstances. Minhas lawyers are able to manage all your legal matters throughout Mississauga at your negotiated rates. You will be able to take advantage of the local knowledge and expertise of experienced lawyers and support staff. We will personally manage your file working effectively with our attorneys where necessary. We have been assisting our clients, for generations in solving their legal problems in real estate services, immigration law, criminal law, mortgage enforcement, civil litigation and wills and estates, as well as other areas of law.

The approach which our lawyers follows is more than a simple refrain, it is our framework for success. The Minhas Lawyers consists of lawyers and prosecutors hailing from the best law universities, bring together highest knowledge and experience to the defence of our clients.  Our philosophy is that maintaining a diverse team affords our clients the best possible legal services. We are certain that every legal matter deserves high-stakes, high profile handling and our every client should receive superior attention from their criminal lawyers.

Minhas Lawyers mission is to provide top quality legal services with honesty and experience. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the international business arena and on achieving exceptional results. Our lawyers/legal attorneys deliver local depth and inclusive scope to the area of law so that our clients can benefit from exceptional guidance in such areas as mergers and acquisitions, banking and financial services, refinancing, civil litigation, criminal law, immigration law and wills and estate. We aren’t afraid to take risks. Thrilled by the opportunity to make our clients’ lives better, we take on the impossible and achieve exceptional results.

While working with Minhas Lawyers, you will find a supportive team of qualified legal specialists, focused on cost-effective and competent legal representation. We strive to provide personal service, peace of mind and cost-effective results. Clients appreciate the fact that we can handle virtually everything in-house. Our law firm is big enough to provide expert, first-class legal services in a wide variety of areas. The firm has made a large and loyal client base of businesses of every shape and size in a wide variety of industries.

If you have any legal concern in Mississauga area, please contact our lawyers for a consultation. You may also call at 905-671-9244 to discuss your case.

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