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Civil, Administrative and Corporate Law Firm in Vancouver, British Columbia


At Church & Company, our approach to dispute resolution centres on providing pragmatic solutions that are consistent with our clients' business objectives. We consider all available dispute resolution options in every case in order to provide practical business solutions.

Our lawyers excel in preparation for, and presentation in, the courtroom and have appeared in all levels of British Columbia Superior Courts, at the Federal Court of Canada, and at the Supreme Court of Canada. Our experience also extends to mediations, arbitrations and other forms of dispute resolution.

Commercial Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

We routinely manage complex, multi-party litigation and document-intensive cases throughout which we maintain our focus on obtaining timely and cost-effective results.

Our firm has acted for financial institutions, real estate developers and professionals, including:

Chartered accountants

Professional associations, including the Institute of Chartered Accountants of BC, Association of Professional Engineers and the College of Dental Surgeons

Construction contractors

Building owners

Securities and insurance brokers

Brokerages, agencies and investment groups

Victims of financial fraud

Church & Company prides itself in being able to list, as some of its foremost clients, major full-service law firms in British Columbia and law firms throughout British Columbia, including on Vancouver Island. Many of Church & Company's cases are the result of client referrals from other law firms due to client conflicts or circumstances where those firms require assistance in litigating complex, multi-party matters.

We have the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve an outcome that protects your interests. Contact us to arrange a consultation with a lawyer.


At Church & Company, complex business litigation is our core practice area. We routinely assist in all manner of business disputes, including those pertaining to:

Commercial contracts

Commercial insurance claims

Corporate control and shareholders' remedies

Fiduciary duties

Transactional disputes

Shareholder/partnership disputes

Real estate disputes

British Columbia Corporate Dispute Lawyers

Our lawyers have appeared in all levels of Court, including the Supreme Court of Canada, and at a variety of administrative/regulatory tribunals. Contact our firm to arrange a consultation with one of our experienced commercial litigation lawyers.

To learn more about our past successes in this complex area of practice, view the following representative corporate commercial cases:

Arbutus Gardens Homes Ltd. v. Arbutus Gardens Apartments Corp., [1996] B.C.J. No. 721 (SC): 

Dispute over sale of an apartment rental complex.

Bentall Properties Ltd. v. TransAlta Resources Inc. and Cerberus Pyrotronics Inc. and others, Third Parties, S.C.B.C. Action No. C927314, Vancouver Registry: 

Dispute over design and installation of fire and security system for Bentall Towers in Vancouver.

Intercontinental Precious Metals v. Cooke, [1993] B.C.J. No. 1903 (SC): 

Derivative action over ownership of a mining company

Texada Land Corporation v. Texada Logging Ltd. and others, Vancouver Registry, Action No. H910653: 

Action arising out of the sale of timbered lands on Saltspring Island and Vancouver Island, and claims for shortfall of timber approximating $12 million.

Valley Mortgage Foreclosure, Action No. 23314, Vernon Registry: 

Outstanding foreclosure action over development property located in Vernon, B.C., taken over as a result of a settlement in Hladun v. Valley Mortgage.

De Cotiis, et al. v. De Cotiis, et al., Action No. S036386, Vancouver Registry: 

Defence of claims arising out of alleged continuing partnership.

First Majestic Silver Corp. v. Santos, [2009] B.C.J. No. 310 (CA): 

Court of Appeal overturning a Mareva injunction in relation to publicly traded shares in a mining company.

Tannery Park v. Georgilas Investments Ltd., [2006] B.C.J. No. 3203 (CA): 

Successful appeal to Court of Appeal overturning a trial decision ordering specific performance of a commercial real estate transaction.

Canwest Mediaworks Publications Inc. v. Murray, [2009] B.C.J. 565 (SC): 

Passing off and breach of copyright action involving publication of a fake edition of a daily newspaper.

Coronation Insurance Co. Air Transport Ltd. v. Taku: 

Litigated to the Supreme Court of Canada issue of coverage under aviation insurance policies.


At Church & Company, our lawyers have a wealth of experience in construction-related litigation. To speak to one of our lawyers about your construction dispute, contact our firm to arrange an initial consultation.

Some representative construction cases include the following:

JJM Construction Ltd. v. Sandspit Harbour Society & Westmar Consultants Inc., S.C.B.C. Action No. C965531, Vancouver Registry: 

Acted for professional engineers in defence of action brought by a contractor relating to construction of a harbour.

The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company, et al. v. Stothert Engineering Ltd., et al., S.C.B.C. Action No. C994747, Vancouver Registry: 

Negotiated a resolution over faulty construction and supply of faulty materials in construction of hydro-electric-generating station.

CRG Projects v. AEC West Ltd. and others, S.C.B.C. Action No. C965347, Vancouver Registry: 

Acted on behalf of the developer of a hydro-electric-generating station, in Sechelt, British Columbia, in an action brought by contractor and in a counterclaim against contractor and bonding company.

Degelder Construction Co. Ltd. v. Dancorp Developments Ltd., Metropolitan Trust Company of Canada, Seaboard Life Insurance Company and Dunwoody Limited, Supreme Court Action No. A910895, New Westminster Registry: 

Acted for contractor in action brought against developer relating to payment of claims on construction of high-rise residential condominiums.

The Owners, Strata Plan No. LMS 0108 v. Zhong Xing Investment (Canada) Ltd., et al., Action No. C960926, Vancouver Registry: 

Acted for Strata Corporation "Leaky Condo" action to successful settlement.

Strata Plan V.R. 1720 v. Bart Developments Ltd., [1988] B.C.J. No. 224 (SC), aff'd (1999) B.C.J. No. 2399 (CA)

The Owners, Strata Plan LMS 1495 v. Parkridge Developments Ltd., et al., Action No. L021211, Vancouver Registry

Strata Plan LMS 3950 v. Lawrence Doyle Architect Inc., et al., Action No. S034046, Vancouver Registry

446423 B.C. Ltd. v. Marbella Pacific Construction West Ltd., et al., Action No. S026051, Vancouver Registry


At Church & Company, we have represented clients before a variety of administrative tribunals and in a wide range of cases involving regulatory law, including professional discipline matters involving accountants and dentists. To arrange an initial consultation with a lawyer for your regulatory litigation case, please contact us.

Some representative administrative and regulatory matters include the following:

Institute of Chartered Accounts of British Columbia/Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia: 

Prosecution and defence of chartered accountants before their professional governing body, including Court challenges and appeals from discipline decisions to the Courts.

Shpak v. ICABC, [2002] BCJ No. 1008

Nguyen v. CPABC 2018 BCSC 620

K.F. Evans Ltd. v. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, No. T-1810-95, Court of Appeal Action No. A-92496: 

Acted for forest company in action against Federal Government for refusal to grant log export permits. Successful through to Federal Court of Appeal.

Coulson Aircrane Ltd. v. Minister of Transport, et al., Federal Court Action No. T-403-97: 

Acted in Federal Court, successfully preventing attempt to block registration of Russian-built Kamov Helicopters in Canada.

Florence v. Canada (Air Transport Committee), [1988]  F.C.J. No. 1076: 

Successful in striking down Air Carrier Regulations to the Transport Act relating to limits on amounts recoverable for victims of air crashes.

V.I.H. Logging Ltd. v. Lax Kw'alaams Indian Band: 

Action by logging company arising out of Crown seizure of timber harvested on Indian Lands.


At Church & Company, our lawyers have acted for various capital market participants in proceedings for breaches of securities legislation, appeals from commissions and in quasi-criminal proceedings brought under British Columbia provincial securities legislation. We have also acted for both plaintiffs and defendants in broker-client litigation in claims involving:

Discretionary and/or unauthorized trading

Unsuitable investments


Breach of fiduciary duties

Breaches of account agreements

Failure to supervise

Contact our firm to arrange an initial consultation with a lawyer to discuss your securities litigation matter.

Some representative securities cases include the following:

United Services Funds v. Richardson Greenshields of Canada Ltd. (1988), 22 B.C.L.R. (2d) 322 (S.C.): 

Represented brokerage house in $25 million securities fraud action.

In the Matter of Amaswiss Scientific Inc., and Others, C.A.B.C. Action No. CA013914, Vancouver Registry: 

Securities Commission proceedings and Supreme Court proceedings relating to alleged breaches of the Securities Act and challenges to search warrants.

Hladun v. Valley Mortgage, B.C.S.C. Action No. S003140, Vancouver Registry: 

Action on behalf of 83 individual aged investors against TD Securities and others, resulting in a substantial settlement, which settlement included assuming conduct of related foreclosure proceedings.

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