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Business, Technologies and Innovation Law Firm in Montréal, Québec

Who are we?

Brouillette Legal is a firm of lawyers, patent and trademark agents supporting innovative entrepreneurs seeking advice and services that are tailored not only to their needs but also to their budget.

Located in Old Montreal, in the heart of the city, our firm is acknowledged for its expertise in business law, intellectual property, trademarks, patents and litigation, for its commitment in various ways and for its ability in developing or adopting innovative working methods.

Being part of Brouillette Legal network, whether it’s customers, employees or associates, leads to embracing a corporate culture based on teamwork, human relationships, customer loyalty, exceptional accessibility and approachability and knowledge sharing at all levels.

Since 2005, we are proud to offer quality services and to contribute to the success of our customers by sharing our passion and expertise in many aspects of the legal world and innovations.

Our firm

Brouillette Legal is a firm of lawyers, patent and trade-mark agents that targets business builders and innovators. Our boutique firm offers legal services related to business and intellectual property, both locally and abroad.

Our team brings a different vision to legal matters, by offering personalized service and a pragmatic approach as well as providing strategic advice that is tailored to your needs and budget.

We have built our success over the years and have built a strong customer loyalty through our conscientiousness while pursuing the business objectives of our clients and especially within agreed budget.

At Brouillette Legal, we strive to be an integral part of your success by taking your satisfaction to heart.

Presentation and History

The skill and experience of a large firm,

without a heavy structure and excessive costs.

Founded in 2005 by Robert Brouillette and other members of his former firm, Brouillette Legal is a law, patent and trademark agency firm catering to innovators and entrepreneurs. Most of our clients are entrepreneurs, a majority of whom operate businesses using or developing innovative technologies.

Robert Brouillette is an entrepreneur and experienced business consultant who has devoted much of his professional career to the protection of intellectual property as well as mentoring and financing of start-ups. Based in Montreal, in the heart of the business and innovation community, we offer a wide range of business focused legal services.

Our team brings a different vision to legal matters by offering a personalized service and a pragmatic approach as well as providing strategic advice that is tailored to your needs and budget.

We have built our success over the years and have built a strong customer loyalty through our conscientiousness while pursuing the business objectives of our clients and especially within agreed budgets. In addition, as a human-sized firm, we are able to offer you a fully personalized service.

Competence + Availability + Price Fairness = Memorable Client Experience

Thanks to its multidisciplinary team, its innovative ideas and values, Brouillette Legal brings a different vision to legal matters.

Brouillette Legal brings together lawyers, engineers, patent agents, trade-mark agents and managers with expertise in all areas of business law, litigation and intellectual property protection and management.

We will protect your intellectual property using all the tools at our disposal, including legal and technical expertise, our integrated we based project management system SPIBA™, reliable networks of international correspondents, a tradition of innovation and a strong commitment to our clients.

Let us help you make the right decisions related to intellectual property or business issues so that you can maintain your competitive advantage both locally and abroad.


At Brouillette Legal, we are able to offer complete, personalized and innovative solutions to help our clients protect their interests, achieve their goals and ensure their success. We want to be part in their success.

Assist our clients in projects close to their heart, resolve the difficulties and challenges they face and provide advice so that they can take advantage of various business opportunity thay may arise, while being cost conscious.

Share our knowledge and experience with you to identify your needs and explore opportunities.

Remain accessible and close to the people while providing a quality service and a higher level of competence.

Provide a trustworthy and accessible team on both human and professional level.

Provide quality services and innovative solutions.

Since our inception, we have offered quality legal services at competitive prices. We look forward to continue and develop this tradition in the years to come.

Innovative working methods

We have developed over the years productivity tools and methods enabling us to maintain high quality standards and competitive prices while practicing a sound cost control.

Management system

More specifically, we have developed a project management /intellectual property portfolios system called SPIBA™. This contributes to increase our productivity and to significantly reduce the risk of error in files and important dates management while facilitating the management of intellectual property portfolios from smallest to largest.

We are continually working towards improving our SPIBA™ system in order to achieve greater efficiency.

Open-layout environment

Our transparency and spirit of openness are reflected in our offices as we work in a semi-open space as many of our clients.

Working in this kind of environment promotes open and effective communication, better information sharing and reactivity in problem-solving. In addition, it facilitates teamwork and collaboration between departments while providing a harmonious and friendly work environment.

This exchange of information increases our productivity and brings solutions resulting from common knowledge.

In addition, this semi-open area concept allows energy savings through better use of heating, cooling and lighting systems.

Come visit us, we will be pleased to welcome you in our offices!

Paper-free office

A few years ago, we decided to significantly reduce our paper consumption. In this context, we are in the process of implementing a fully electronic data and document management system (from internal or external receipts).

Unless you direct us otherwise, all communications are done electronically, by telephone or in person.

We are very close to reaching our goal thanks to the collaboration and dedication of Brouillette Legal members.

In addition to increasing productivity, reducing the reaction time and operating costs, the paper-free office has valuable benefits:

Sharing information

Access to documents anytime, anywhere

Synchronization of the information

Reduction in time loss related to the retrieval of documents

Toll free: 1 (800) 651-8503

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