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Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Law Firm in Toronto, Ontario

Founded by Richard M. Bogoroch, Bogoroch & Associates LLP is a Toronto-based law firm that focuses in civil litigation. The firm concentrates on serious personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, product liability and disability claims litigation throughout Ontario.

Our firm prides itself on enabling injured victims and their families to obtain access to the justice system. We do this by waiting to get paid until the case is concluded, and by paying for the thousands of dollars in medical and expert report costs and disbursements necessary to maintain and succeed in lawsuits.

We strive to achieve excellent results for all of our clients. Information on our recent notable cases can be found in the Cases & Decisions section of this website. Every year, the firm achieves numerous successful results before the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) appeal tribunal, and victories in serious motor vehicle, medical malpractice, disability and accident benefit cases. We are proud to achieve positive resolutions and obtain peace of mind for many of our clients and their families.

The firm’s steady growth in recent years directly benefits our clients in many ways. With 11 lawyers and over 25 support and administrative staff, our accomplished team of professionals is available to assist you during both day and evening hours.

The Canadian Legal Lexpert® Directory, a highly regarded rating service, has once again named Richard Bogoroch as a leading personal injury and medical malpractice lawyer.

Bogoroch & Associates LLP constantly builds on its outreach and education efforts, through speaking engagements, professional workshops and published articles. The firm maintains its commitment to handling personal injury and related cases in a sensitive and responsive manner through regular updates to its Website, including answering frequently asked questions in accessible audio and video formats.

We are unique among personal injury firms in employing night secretarial staff in order to provide our clients with the highest standards of personal service. If you need assistance after regular business hours, you can call the firm and be greeted by a human being, not an automated voice mail system.
To complement our staff expansion, we continue to keep abreast of technology, including time management and database software, which enhances productivity and further improves our ability to serve our clients. Our goal remains the same: to provide our clients with the best legal services available.

Victims of motor vehicle and traumatic accidents face many difficulties. Not only must they cope with the profound pain and loss resulting from their injury, but often they and their families must navigate through a complicated maze of legal and insurance-related issues. At Bogoroch & Associates LLP, we are committed to helping our clients through their difficult times by providing caring, compassionate and effective legal representation.

If you have not already done so, you should report the accident to your insurance company immediately. For accidents on or after October 1, 2003, you are required to report the accident to your insurance company within seven days. Do not talk with anyone about the accident other than the adjuster from your own insurance company or staff from our office. Do not sign any document concerning the accident unless Richard Bogoroch or our staff have reviewed and approved the document. Please advise us of any other court proceedings or inquests to be held concerning the accident.

Forward any correspondence you receive about the accident or your injuries directly to my office. Please provide us with the names, addresses and telephone numbers of any witnesses to the accident. Please forward to us a photocopy of your car insurance policy.

We need to know the names of any doctors or health care providers who have treated you regarding the accident.We will also need information about any hospitals you visited and any medical treatments you received, such as x-rays or blood works.were in and if any x-rays were taken. Please notify my office of any new doctor, physiotherapist, chiropractor or other medical specialist you see. Also notify us of any major changes to your condition. You will be automatically hearing from me or a member of my team for a periodic review of your case. Once we have all the medical information, every effort will be made to settle your claim. No settlement will be concluded without us reviewing the proposal together in detail, and we will only settle with your clear instructions to proceed or not.The decision will always be yours to make.

toll free: 1-866-599-1700

Obtain copies of all documents which relate to your case, keep them together and forward them to my staff. Documents include: repair estimates or appraisals, prescription accounts, accident benefit proof-of-claim forms, doctors' notes, wage verification forms, T-4's, etc.

Various members of our staff, specializing in different aspects of your lawsuit, will be involved in the conduct of your case. From time to time you will have personal contact with these staff members as your lawsuit progresses. These people will be thoroughly familiar with your file and will be able to assist you with respect to any questions that may arise. You should not hesitate to discuss your case with them and seek their assistance if and when the occasion arises.

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